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I was also in attendance at the Summer Jam XX concert this past weekend. And it was live! Theeee best part and acts of the night were Meek Mills Dropping That Intro, 2 Chainz bringing out Nicki Minaj and French Montana bringing out DJ Khaled and Ace Hood for Buggatti and Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for Pop That….

One thing thoooo Hot 97 lets not have any more R&B acts… I mean Miguel got Mariah Carey and JCole to perform and I was grateful BUT everyone was turnt up and the R&B just kills it!!!!!!! Also Chris Brown got Fabolous and Sean Kingston to come through so that was cool but his set was wackkkkkkkk…

Drake was supposed to perform but he was a no show…. Lets see what happens next year… ~liz

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